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Boy, has it been awhile since I’ve been on this blog?!!! Oh Gee! At the beginning of the Fall, I didn’t realize how much of our daily routine would change. New adventures, new experiences… No worries, I won’t bore you with all the details in catching you up! Instead, I will share my current thoughts. So much faster easier. I do want to greet you all a very Happy New Year!! 2012 was an awesome year…I can’t wait to kick the booty out of 2013. Lots of good things to come, I just know it!

PROJECT LIFE 2013: Cover page. Via Instagram.


CURRENTLY (inspired by one of my faves)

DATE: 1.19.13

LOCATION: home sweet home

EATING: activia black cherry yogurt

DRINKING: morning coffee

ENJOYING: sitting in my newly, cleaned, organized craft room

THINKING: about our next vacation

LOVING: joey and his little, crazy new antics. I really love that dude.

WANTING: to change the photos on my blog header UPDATE: made the change, YAY!

WONDERING: when the heck am I going to workout again

LISTENING: bruno mars

WATCHING: pre-post, top chef seattle

READING: this week’s PEOPLE mag – my love for junk magazines.

Have a great weekend!!


August 2012: Maui – my favorite family photo of the Summer.

Yes, the blog has been neglected amongst other things. I’ve realized my Summer days are polar opposites to the school year days. During the Summer months, everything…literally…goes out the window — waking up early, schedules, bedtimes, eating habits, exercising, being forgetful, etc. During the school year, everything is organized, pre-planned & my memory is in tact, most importantly.

We’ve been having such an awesome Summer. Three vacations, family visits, Joey’s Summer adventures — a lot of ‘us’ time! This is definitely a Summer to remember! We have a few more days until Joey begins 1st grade! Oh my!! He is getting so tall, so smart, so…”35″ — LOL! We have a fun filled weekend ahead; my parents are visiting!  Yeah, if you follow me on Instagram — You’re right, we just had my brother and his family visit last weekend. We are just soaking it all in…squeezing everything in…and the Summer literally ends with a fabulous birthday (if I must say).

Yours truly is turning thirty-eight! Yep, let me type that out again, thirty-eight! If you know me, I love my birthday! Its the only day I can call my own. The number doesn’t bother me at all. What’s important is how I feel inside… Almost three years to the day, D and I had a wake up call. And since then, we’ve been our healthiest. Not only with eating habits or exercising — physical attributes but mentally & emotionally. Don’t get me wrong, not everyday was “sunshine”  for us — we had some cloudy days along the way. But for the most part, life has been very fulfilling in many ways.

I hope to write about my introduction to thirty-eight…on the blog. Definitely documenting it “creatively” one of these days…But I just have to share, I’ve learned a lot about myself this past year. Who I am, Who I want to be (in the years to come), Who I can trust, Who are my friends…all those really important things…but I will save the deets for the thirty-eight post!!

Thanks Friends for reading!! Cheers to one more week of pure Summer fun!!


I’ve been very spoiled with my iPhone and all of its apps. Most importantly, Camera+ and Instagram. I find it very difficult to take out the SLR. The SLR has been on vacation for awhile, unfortunately. I figure, it will resurface one day but for the moment, documenting our lives — no matter what “tool” I use to do it is all that really matters, right? Right.

I really need to print these out or make them into a book organized by year. That’s my thought anyways. I don’t know if you feel the same, but I love looking back at the photos and seeing how we live our lives. I’m in love with capturing all those moments that I know I will want to remember, good or bad.:)

I just had to share… Thanks, Friends, for stopping by!

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Where has the time gone? …Life just goes by so fast… We’ve been trying to take it all in. Summer has been wonderful minus a few hiccups; such is life.:)

I’ve noticed I haven’t kept up with much of my daily/weekly routines. It’s what I expected from Summer. I’m really trying to be present for Joey, especially since we spend most of our days together. It is very different during the school year needless to say. So, everything I have planned for myself has gone on the wayside. And, I’m OK with that. Some days are really good and some days can be very challenging. But what does remain constant is that we are fully enjoying our Summer together.

I cannot believe it’s August! Seriously.

In July, we experienced a huge milestone. Joey turned 7!! What the what?!! I look back at his baby pictures and I remember so vividly how tiny he was then…and see how much he has grown since then. One REALLY cool milestone I need to brag about…He SWIMS!!! Cannot believe it! We are very fortunate to have his swim instructor, Kayci, in our lives.  She is absolutely wonderful for him & the cool thing is, he listens to her. Aside from him being distracted a lot at his sessions (when I’m there, of course) — he’s focused, he enjoys it — which was evident in the swimming pool in Seattle a few weeks ago. D hasn’t seen him swim at all — he was STOKED to see the little guy swim like a fish. I was laying on the lounge chair watching them and I couldn’t help but think “this is their thing”…”this is their Daddy & son hobby”.  I’ve seen D swim before but during this trip it was different, I was really impressed with his skills! LOL! What I loved most is watching the two of them together. It was awesome!


Check him out!

This is my absolute favorite!

Thanks for stopping by! I’m hoping to blog more in the next few weeks. We’ll see…August seems to be another eventful month!:)Cheers!


Finally, I’m posting previous pages from the album. I’m not sure if all the pages are in there, ha-ha. But for the most part, I just wanted to catch you up on what’s been going on with life. I’ve fallen off the wagon once, I believe in February (didn’t take too long)…but I’ve kept organized by keeping ephemera and taking photos. By March, I was on a roll and caught up. This is my second year in documenting our lives & every time I get a chance to peek at last year’s, I do and it’s so fulfilling. Joey even gets his hands in it & remembers a lot of the same memories captured in the album.

Here’s a peek into the last few months:

This year, I’ve kept it really simple. Not as many inserts, maybe some poignant ones… I wanted to expand on the “words” portion of it; Capturing my thoughts…almost like a personal journal but with a slight filter on it, LOL. Gotta keep some personal thoughts private.:)I’ve noticed over the months, I haven’t used a lot of the kit’s core elements but using a lot of scrapbook material I have here at home. Yes, I took a mental note as to what to order for next year. Although, I do like that I’m using A LOT of what I have already — sometimes using elements from the Studio Calico kits. Keeping it simple actually allows me to not fall behind longer than a few weeks.

Thanks for reading!

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    and the inserts for the months, i have yet to use them, maybe next year.ReplyCancel