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Boy, has it been awhile since I’ve been on this blog?!!! Oh Gee! At the beginning of the Fall, I didn’t realize how much of our daily routine would change. New adventures, new experiences… No worries, I won’t bore you with all the details in catching you up! Instead, I will share my current thoughts. So much faster easier. I do want to greet you all a very Happy New Year!! 2012 was an awesome year…I can’t wait to kick the booty out of 2013. Lots of good things to come, I just know it!

PROJECT LIFE 2013: Cover page. Via Instagram.


CURRENTLY (inspired by one of my faves)

DATE: 1.19.13

LOCATION: home sweet home

EATING: activia black cherry yogurt

DRINKING: morning coffee

ENJOYING: sitting in my newly, cleaned, organized craft room

THINKING: about our next vacation

LOVING: joey and his little, crazy new antics. I really love that dude.

WANTING: to change the photos on my blog header UPDATE: made the change, YAY!

WONDERING: when the heck am I going to workout again

LISTENING: bruno mars

WATCHING: pre-post, top chef seattle

READING: this week’s PEOPLE mag – my love for junk magazines.

Have a great weekend!!



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