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Neglecting the blog.

August 2012: Maui – my favorite family photo of the Summer.

Yes, the blog has been neglected amongst other things. I’ve realized my Summer days are polar opposites to the school year days. During the Summer months, everything…literally…goes out the window — waking up early, schedules, bedtimes, eating habits, exercising, being forgetful, etc. During the school year, everything is organized, pre-planned & my memory is in tact, most importantly.

We’ve been having such an awesome Summer. Three vacations, family visits, Joey’s Summer adventures — a lot of ‘us’ time! This is definitely a Summer to remember! We have a few more days until Joey begins 1st grade! Oh my!! He is getting so tall, so smart, so…”35″ — LOL! We have a fun filled weekend ahead; my parents are visiting!  Yeah, if you follow me on Instagram — You’re right, we just had my brother and his family visit last weekend. We are just soaking it all in…squeezing everything in…and the Summer literally ends with a fabulous birthday (if I must say).

Yours truly is turning thirty-eight! Yep, let me type that out again, thirty-eight! If you know me, I love my birthday! Its the only day I can call my own. The number doesn’t bother me at all. What’s important is how I feel inside… Almost three years to the day, D and I had a wake up call. And since then, we’ve been our healthiest. Not only with eating habits or exercising — physical attributes but mentally & emotionally. Don’t get me wrong, not everyday was “sunshine”  for us — we had some cloudy days along the way. But for the most part, life has been very fulfilling in many ways.

I hope to write about my introduction to thirty-eight…on the blog. Definitely documenting it “creatively” one of these days…But I just have to share, I’ve learned a lot about myself this past year. Who I am, Who I want to be (in the years to come), Who I can trust, Who are my friends…all those really important things…but I will save the deets for the thirty-eight post!!

Thanks Friends for reading!! Cheers to one more week of pure Summer fun!!



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