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Goodbye July. Hello August.

Where has the time gone? …Life just goes by so fast… We’ve been trying to take it all in. Summer has been wonderful minus a few hiccups; such is life.:)

I’ve noticed I haven’t kept up with much of my daily/weekly routines. It’s what I expected from Summer. I’m really trying to be present for Joey, especially since we spend most of our days together. It is very different during the school year needless to say. So, everything I have planned for myself has gone on the wayside. And, I’m OK with that. Some days are really good and some days can be very challenging. But what does remain constant is that we are fully enjoying our Summer together.

I cannot believe it’s August! Seriously.

In July, we experienced a huge milestone. Joey turned 7!! What the what?!! I look back at his baby pictures and I remember so vividly how tiny he was then…and see how much he has grown since then. One REALLY cool milestone I need to brag about…He SWIMS!!! Cannot believe it! We are very fortunate to have his swim instructor, Kayci, in our lives.  She is absolutely wonderful for him & the cool thing is, he listens to her. Aside from him being distracted a lot at his sessions (when I’m there, of course) — he’s focused, he enjoys it — which was evident in the swimming pool in Seattle a few weeks ago. D hasn’t seen him swim at all — he was STOKED to see the little guy swim like a fish. I was laying on the lounge chair watching them and I couldn’t help but think “this is their thing”…”this is their Daddy & son hobby”.  I’ve seen D swim before but during this trip it was different, I was really impressed with his skills! LOL! What I loved most is watching the two of them together. It was awesome!


Check him out!

This is my absolute favorite!

Thanks for stopping by! I’m hoping to blog more in the next few weeks. We’ll see…August seems to be another eventful month!:)Cheers!



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