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Random Thoughts: 50mm + Project Life

We just returned from a visit to San Diego. This is where I grew up, where my parents (still) live and where my brother & his family lives. I always have a couple of really good friends that I make sure I make time for when I am there (will posts some SD pics soon). A few days ago I found myself thinking about my 50mm lens when I was out to dinner with my girlfriend. Not sure why? But I knew I was aching to use it when I got home. I have 5 different lenses in my collection and this lovely 50mm hasn’t been used in a while. Eh-hem, the SLR hasn’t been used in a while as well. So, I played with it a little…and realized, I like this particular lens for my Project Life album. I am now two weeks behind on the album; back to back vacations will do that to ya, right? Oh well. So, I included my PL cover page along with a Mother’s Day card Joey made and a couple of other photos in different lightings around my craft room. Anyways, I just wanted to share my new found love for the lens. What’s your favorite lens at the moment?


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