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  • Drinking:  Water. Beverage of choice this morning. Extremely dehydrated. No bueno!
  • Regretting:  Being in a very bad mood this morning…:(
  • Thinking:  About my favorite motto “Think Happy. Be Happy.” could’ve been very useful this morning.
  • Wanting:  A do-over!

…moving on…Do-Over begins now!…

  • Enjoying:  Looking through photos of the last several days. Very full. Good full. Loved Mother’s Day, so relaxing…literally, stayed in PJ’s until 4pm. Those boys know how to make me feel soo loved.
  • Loving:  That look on Joey’s face on the top photo at his Spring Musical. The photo is blurry, but this one captured that face!! I absolutely love that face!!
  • Planning:  Our next out of town trip. YAY!! Super exited about what’s around the corner for us! Can’t wait to scrapbook about it! …Lots of great vacations are in store for us!!
  • Wondering:  When my lower back will stop being such a pain.
  • Watching:  SMASH from last night. Love musicals, always have. I especially love this show.
  • Reading:  Restaurant Reviews.
  • Wishing:  Everyone a wonderful day!



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