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NYC 2015

We celebrated our 4oth birthdays by going to one of our favorite places to visit: New York City during Christmas time! We were really hoping for snow but the freezing cold weather did just fine once we got there, ha! We did something very different this year and decided to not exchange Christmas gifts…but go to New Year City to buy our family and friends their Christmas gifts! It was a very short trip: we left early on Friday morning and came back late Monday night. We had a very long list of things to do during this wonderful holiday time but all we could think of is our little man and how much he would enjoy it as well…so we reserved those “firsts” for when we would do it together. We packed in a very FULL itinerary for the little time we were there but here are some highlights. We went to Lincoln Center to see the ballet: The Nutcracker, ate at one of our favorites Gramercy Tavern and found a new favorite, Chris Santos’ Stanton Social, we walked 3 blocks before we gave up (burrrrr!) to see the Christmas Window Displays, walked to my favorite ‘little shop on the corner’, braved the crowd and had our photo taken in front of the Rockefeller tree…and we discovered a new thing to do, bar hop! Yup, no matter what time it was, we found very cool bars where we met very cool people. All in all, it was a wonderful birthday and time to reconnect with each other! We are looking forward to going again in May!

AS Written

This capture was taken by a very sweet and beautiful and talented photographer ! #gomamas  I am so happy we crossed paths! She is one genuine soul and so full of life that whenever I am around her it is instant happiness! You should see her work and I am truly blessed with her gift of taking head-shots for this new adventure I am embarking on!

This path to seeking this new adventure hasn’t been an easy ride…but if you truly know me, I love challenges! I’ve had the pleasure of meeting several creative souls in the industry…the experience was both fulfilling and eye-opening. I’m grateful for everything that has lead me on this path, the good and the bad, thus far!

I chose the business name AS Written Calligraphy because it is so fitting. “AS” are my initials and the phrase “As Written” embodies everything about my handwriting. My calligraphic style is using my everyday cursive handwriting as the foundation/base…Come see some examples! xo

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

Unknowingly, this photo was taken by my kid.  This is me, in my workspace. There is a new adventure on the horizon and this photo captured the very essence of it. When I’m working, I am very focused and calligraphy brings me to another level of feeling balanced and calm. What you don’t see hear is the (top 40 inner junkie) music playing in the background. I love how the photo portrays a rather more soothing type of music selection — so not the case here, closet T.S. fan — lets not disclose that to my husband. Currently the beat to “Welcome to New York” is totally my jam right now.



Hey Guys, welcome back! Today I am sharing an OYO Sports picture. Can you guess what team I have? I will give you a hint: it was in yesterday’s entry.  What I like about OYO is that it’s just like Legos but better, only because it has sports teams and the minifigure’s feet move back and forth. If you’re into Legos, check out

That’s all for today. Thx for reading…if you have any questions please leave a comment. Bye guys!

SJ Sharks Logo

Hey Guys, it’s Joe! This is my first entry in what I call “Joe’s Chronicles”.  It’s a series of everything I’m into and what I like right now! I will be posting like every day, I think, so please come back and see what I’m up to.

Topic: San Jose Sharks

This is my favorite hockey team. I have been liking this team since I was 7 years old. I always like going to games with my dad. Sometimes its my mom, me and my dad that go.

At the age of 4, I was into…can you guess? …Legos! Of course, it’s my most favorite toy. I have a new favorite collection that are almost the same as Legos…it’s called Oyo Sports. You can buy NHL, MLB and NFL minifigures. My dad just gave me the entire San Jose Sharks set.

Well that’s all for today. Thanks for reading my first entry. I will see you soon, Thanks!